Our story

Initial words

I am Niila Jurvelin, a owner in Lastua.

My passion has always been to develop products that save time at home, at work, on the go... well, everywhere!

At the very beginning, I did product development at my own desk at home.

Later, top experts from various fields have joined product development.

In fact, today we have an innovative and fun team that designs and makes products to save time in the midst of busy everyday life.

The initial meters of the Lastua

Our passion has not only been to solve everyday problems, but to make truly durable and beautiful products!

In the first year, we made many kinds of storage boxes, which we sold at small events in Finland.

We noticed that there might be demand for the products outside of our home town as well.

What better way to test demand than with our own small online store, which we founded in 2017.

A culture of experimentation

Our online store gave us the opportunity to test demand with very little risk.

A new world opened up for us, where the culture of experimentation is commonplace.

In 2020, the highly popular Eino bathroom products were born.

Continuous product development

From the very beginning, we have listened with a very sensitive ear to the needs of our customers and developed new products based on their wishes.

Our vision is to make the everyday life of every person in the world easier!