Product development

Products for easier everyday life

Experienced designer Niila Jurvelin is behind Lastua's product development.

Before founding Lastua, he worked as a product development engineer for several companies together with industrial designers.

Products designed by Niila can be found all over the world, from car accessories, to accessories for earth-moving machines, playground equipment for schoolyards and machine tools.


We use as many recyclable materials as possible in our products, such as wood, recyclable plastic and metal.

By making products sustainable, we return to a time when the pursuit of the biggest possible profits was a secondary goal. The durability and recyclability of the products saves valuable nature.


We choose packaging for our products that meets the requirements set for it with the smallest possible carbon footprint. 

We mainly use cardboard, cardboard and other renewable materials for packaging.

In order to minimize the amount of waste, we avoid double packaging of products if possible. 


We pay special attention to the quality of our products. We check the quality at different stages of our production and actively remove defective pieces from production.

We deliver faulty pieces to recycling, which saves nature.

When you order from us, you can be sure that you only get the best quality product.

Come and make an impact!

We want to create products that are necessary, innovative, comfortable to use and durable. Customer feedback and development suggestions are of the utmost importance to us!